Silverleaf Staff

Meet Our Silverleaf Staff

Jillian Carden, Psy.D.

Executive Director

Amie Messman


Stacie Yates

Coordinator of Support Services

Emily Neel

Director of Operations and Community Engagement

Amy Hanninen

Educator/Prevention Specialist

Rahuda Farzan


Terry Jackson

Victim Advocate

Angela Ball

Victim Advocate

Erisha Glover

Family Advocate

Dr. Kimberly Mudd

Forensic Interviewer

Terri Dugan, LPCC


Chris Clan


Board Members

Silverleaf is grateful for the volunteers who sit on our Board and assist our agency in fulfilling our mission.

Cassie Clagett, Board Chair

Member since 10/2018

Dr. Sarah Janes, Vice Chair

Member since 08/2015

Jenny Oldham, Board Secretary

Member since 07/2017

Marcy DuPlessis

Member since 05/2015

Dr. Seth Pois

Member since 01/2019

Leslie Hall

Member since 03/2014

Kayla Dailey

Member since 10/2018